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There is currently nothing else like ScreenPop. My twin, Penny Clemmow, and I are frequently told this by our members, and we are proud to have grown this wonderful community so quickly. So why did we decide to launch ScreenPop?

When my other networking company had to move its twenty-four physical groups onto zoom in March 2020, it was a stressful time. Like most business owners, I had to make quick decisions and changes in order to survive and try to thrive. With a new temporary payment structure in place, I realised how well the majority of my nearly 300 members adapted to online networking. Moreover, I started to get many messages from members who were seeing huge benefits in networking online. They could visit more groups and meet dozens of people they would never have normally been able to network with. This led to lots of one-to-one meetings between members and resulted in a lot more business being generated for members with all kinds of businesses.  

At a time when everything was very uncertain, people felt refreshed and invigorated by the online meetings. Instead of seeing no one other than those in their household, they were meeting many new people all the time. For those living alone, this was even more of a lifeline and an uplift.  

At this point my expectations were that the Covid restrictions would be short term so that my face-to-face groups would be able to return within a few months. This made me realise that I wanted something separate from physical networking. It would be fantastic to offer something that would allow people all over the country, or even abroad, a structured but relaxed networking experience without leaving the comfort of their own environment. 

Over the years, I came across many potential networking clients who felt despondent that their health or other factors stopped them from driving. Some people were without any transport so were unable to attend physical meetings. 

I talked to Penny, who had not enjoyed most of the networking she had tried in her area, often finding it rather unfriendly or cliquey. Penny has a wealth of experience working with small business owners to help them increase their visibility through her publishing business. We talked about bringing the warmth and support of Pop Connect to online networking across the country. The lack of pressure to have to refer, the building of relationships within a group, getting to know other members in order to understand how best to help each other, so you can signpost the right people towards each other. We wanted a real community of business owners. We wanted to offer an experience of being able to access a huge range of expertise through the wider networking community in our other groups. 

We started ScreenPop to provide warm and supportive, authentic online networking around the country, and we are growing it quickly in order to provide this service for more and more small business owners. Everyone is welcome.   

Whether you are an experienced networker, completely new to networking, an established business or a brand-new business, ScreenPop can help you grow both your business and your network. Contact Penny and I via our online form to discover the groups that will work for you.

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